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Discounts in the Lingerie Section
Discounts in the Lingerie Section

Rainbow Heart Butt Plug

Original price $18.95 - Original price $28.95
Original price
$18.95 - $28.95
Current price $28.95
Classic rosebud shape ensures quick and easy insertion every time.
Ends in narrow neck and wide base to stop the plug from going any deeper.Made of Aluminium alloy, which offers a lot of perks: ·Non-toxic: safe to use in the body; ·Non-porous: waterproof and can be used while in the shower;·Temperature sensitive: easily Heat up and Cool down                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Length: 70mm, Max. Width: 25mm, Weight: 52g Length: 80mm, Max. Width: 33mm, Weight: 83gLength: 92mm, Max. Width: 40mm, Weight: 145g
Color of Jewel 14 colors: Rainbow, Clear, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Pink, Rosy, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Black, Gold, Light Green, Dark Green, Red