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Discounts in the Lingerie Section
Discounts in the Lingerie Section

Short LED Tail Plug Metal White/Pink/Blue with Anchoer

Original price $45.95 - Original price $45.95
Original price
$45.95 - $45.95
Current price $45.95
The Shapeable Long/Short LED Tail Butt Plug is smooth and fluffy tail with in-build LED, which glows brightly and dazzlingly in the dark. There is a white box with button batteries and switch on the side of the tail near the plug. Long press the switch to turn the lights on. Short press to change the light mode. Glowing tail on your sexy bum is an extra kinky and cute decoration for your sex experience.Same with our previous shapeable tail plug, this LED tail plug is also installed with skeleton inside. The tail holds in any shape, upwards, downwards, circlely, or any shape you want to fit your sex pose.This is an essential accessory to enrich your bedroom roleplay.